Naming and Welcoming

Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies have been held from the earliest of times to welcome the arrival of a new child. It is an occasion when a child is welcomed into the family and the community. It is an opportunity to celebrate your happiness with people who matter to you and to remind everyone of the great joy and responsibility in bringing up children. Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies may occur at any age or on special occasions other than at birth. Such ceremonies may be celebrated for adoption, for blended families or when there is a change of name. They may be included as part of a wedding ceremony and become a wonderful family celebration.

Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies are very special ceremonies for married couples who wish to celebrate their love, commitment and achievement after being married for a particular length of time. Couples reaffirm their vows, rededicate themselves to each other, celebrate what they have accomplished and strengthen their relationship for what is still to come.

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony can be a very moving and redefining experience for the couple and their family. It provides a formal and romantic opportunity for couples to review and strengthen their relationship and their commitment to each other. It may also be a time to celebrate and reflect upon all the unique and personal things that have enabled the marriage to endure and to acknowledge and thank each other, family and friends for the love and support they have shown over the years.

Renewal of Vows ceremonies may be chosen by couples who were married else where but wish to take the opportunity to celebrate their union with their family and friends.

Commitments / Civil Unions

These special ceremonies are when a couple wish to acknowledge their love and commitment to each other. While there is no legal component, they never the less are very sincere and moving ceremonies where two people publically declare their dedication to their relationship and the importance it holds for them in their lives. Ceremonies may also extend to children or other significant people in the lives of those who are steadfast in their resolve to commit their love and lives to others.

Other Ceremonies and Celebrations

There are an infinite number of times in our lives that we take the time to celebrate with special occasions and ceremonies. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish to celebrate a special occasion through a ceremony. Such events might be milestone anniversaries or birthdays, giving thanks for a life or remembering a loved one.